2018 APPRECIATION PROMOTION (expires 1/12/18)

Free bumper stickers, magnet, and chance to win autographed paperback edition of “Some Never Forget

snf-faceWANT 3 FREE POW/MIA STICKERS & A MAGNET? Just post a comment (short or long) about my new POW/MIA novel “Some Never Forget” at Amazon and you can pick any 3 individual stickers shown below! It’s my way of saying “thanks!”

How It Works:

1st: Post a comment or review at Amazon (click here)
Be sure to scroll down and click on WRITE A CUSTOMER REVIEW. Can be any length. Thanks for your support!

Then: send me an email at rcyrilwest@gmail.com to let me know you did it, plus provide your U.S. mailing address (Sorry foreign mail is too expensive) . Also, include the names of the 3 stickers you want (see below for names, plus ignore pricing since they are free if you post comment at Amazon). It’s that simple!


Everyone who participates will also get: A FREE bookmark, plus be entered into a drawing to win an autographed paperback copy of “Some Never Forget”


Note: This event is only open to people with U.S. mailing addresses. If you live in another country, you can still get the stickers, but must pay postage.

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All bumper sticker prices include FREE shipping to USA. If you live in another country, please contact me before placing an order to arrange for postage. Sticker dimensions: rectangle 8.5″ x 2.5″; square 4.25″ x 4.25″ Magnet is 3″ x 4″

NOTE: A shopping cart and checkout button will appear once you click on “Add to Cart” button.


POW/MIA Bumper Stickers


stickers fan

$9.00 (reg. $15.00) Set of Six POW/MIA Bumper Stickers



POWMIA can't forget - 500w

$2.50  “He Can’t Forget”



POWMIA heroes - 500w

$2.50 “I Brake for Heroes”



powmia sticker 1 FB

$2.50 “83,000 Still Missing”



POWMIA 1973 sticker - 500w

$2.50 “Not Everyone Came Home”



POWMIA we thank them sticker - 500w

$2.50 “We Thank Them”



POWMIA Send Us Back sticker - 500w

$2.50 “Bring ‘Em Home or Send U.S. Back”



POWMIA square logo sticker - 500w

$2.50 POW/MIA Square



Toolbox/Refrigerator Magnet


$2.25 “POW/MIA Keep the Promise” refrigerator magnet 3″ x 4″