A Coming of Age Novel

book-1After the death of his father in Afghanistan, a fallen high school basketball phenom with a violent streak struggles to get his life back on track. As he confronts his inner demons, a gang-related murder and a thirst for vengeance threaten his improbable comeback, putting his childhood dream of playing college basketball in jeopardy. 
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With gratitude to those who have fought for truth  . . .

ttw-127wForeword to The Thin Wall (2014)
By William “Chip” Beck, ex-POW/MIA Special Investigator

In what seems like only yesterday, but in reality was almost 30 years ago (1984), I helped a Time Magazine crew emerge from the tattered ruins of West Beirut, which during the previous night had fallen from Christian government control into the hands of the Muslim Amal and Druze militias. Weeks later, the Time Bureau Chief and I coincidentally sat together flying from Cyprus to London.
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snf-127wForeword to Some Never Forget (2017)
By Bob Smith, former Congressman and U.S. Senator from New Hampshire (1985-2003)

Mr. West’s characters, Walter and Meredith Greene, spent their lives searching for the truth about their MIA son, Tommy. There are hundreds of real families who have endured the plight of the Greenes. Families who have seen the status of their loved ones changed from MIA to KIA without providing supporting evidence. Moms, dads, brothers, sisters and spouses dealing with persistent lies from their own government and having to fight for decades to gain access to long de-classified documents that might provide answers and comfort.
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Speculative fiction based upon the truths many hold to be true, but covered up by professional debunkers and select members of the U.S. government since the end of WW2.