n1-splash-600wAt nineteen years old, Troy Blake, a former high school basketball phenom, has his demons. His father was killed serving in Afghanistan. His mother has succumbed to drugs and alcohol. And his little brother, himself a rising basketball star, is flirting with joining a gang. Having had numerous brushes with the law since his father’s death, Troy now plays Junior College basketball, hoping to clean up his act and get a scholarship to UCLA──his fast ticket out of border town hell.

But after Troy kills a Mexican gang member in self-defense, a judge sentences him to a year probation working in the Alaskan fishing industry. During this time, while working on a crab fishing boat, he meets a U.S. Navy veteran who helps him come to terms with his father’s death, at the same time he transforms into a responsible and focused young man. Now understanding his past mistakes, his life, including his anger issues, are finally under control. That is, until word arrives his brother was killed in a car accident.

Returning home to pay his respects, Troy discovers that a border gang murdered his brother in retaliation, and looking for vengeance, regresses into his formally dark and emotionally unstable self. He soon learns the killer has ties to an illegal, underground basketball club, where violent one on one games are played. Getting back in basketball shape, and then wearing a disguise, he enters a bloody tournament to seek out the gang member responsible for his brother’s death.

When he finally confronts his brother’s killer on the basketball court, thrusting a .45 handgun into the man’s face, which Troy Blake will prevail? The angry youth seeking revenge? Or the young man who had a life-changing experience in Alaska?

The decision to pull the trigger is crucial, because the gang member staring into the gun is not the man who killed his brother.